Montclair Tastes Good!


I don’t think I’m alone when I say I love the food in Montclair. There are an abundance of delicious food options, which makes it hard to know where to begin when it comes to writing a food post. So, it feels appropriate to write my first food entry about the dozens of local restaurants and food vendors that participated in Taste of Montclair. This delicious event, organized by the Rotary Club of Montclair and held in the Conference Center at Montclair State, featured over 45 Chefs, Restaurants, and Specialty Food vendors from the area. As patrons of the event sampled savory dishes from Fin, Salute, Blu, Nextdoor, Fricassee, Brick Lane, Escape, Le Salbuen, Mesob, Olive That and More, Montclair Bread, Spice Thai, Tiny Elephant, Toast, Gina’s Bakery, Anthony’s Cheesecake, and much more, live music played, and drinks were poured. It was a fun and delicious event. I love that I live in a town with so many options for fine dining and tasty community events.

My personal favorite was the short rib from Le Salbuen. Here are some of the other highlights in photos.

I started the night with Meatloaf and Chipotle Sauce, yum! I especially loved the presentation and the fact that there were no disposable plates required for the meatloaf, which meant less waste. Blu/Nextdoor

photo 2
Blu & Nextdoor


This soup from Escape was amazing!

photo 1


I had never had Spice Thai, but now I’m a fan. Mango salad, yum!

photo 3 copy
Spice Thai & the Azariah Crane Cocktail by Warren Bobrow


This is literally the best cheesecake (other than my Mom’s) that I have ever eaten. Anthony’s Cheesecake

photo 4
Anthony’s Cheesecake


I have to say that THE highlight of my night was tasting a very pure and fresh cocktail prepared by Warren Bobrow, aka The Cocktail Whisperer.

photo 4
Warren Bobrow, the Cocktail Whisperer


For all of you who attended, what were your favorites of the night?


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your spirited reviews of the Montclair Rotary Club ‘Taste of Montclair!’ Beautifully doe. We’ve shared your post to our FB page…spreading good words around town. Cheers!

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