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Taking a Leap – Bloomfield

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Taking a Leap

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Spooky Gallery – Halloween 2015

Happy Monday! As we feast on leftover candy (yuck), eyes blurry from parties and falling back in time, bellies bloated from too much pizza and beer and sweets, I will leave you with some images from around town this Halloween weekend. If anyone has some great photos, I will be happy to update this post. There was too much spookiness and fun to capture all that this town had to offer this Halloween weekend. Festive doesn’t even begin to explain how much we love our holidays. And a holiday for children of any age, is simply the best, and it’s another reason why I love Montclair!

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I Love Vintage Appliances- Montclair Area Homes

One thing I love about this area is the history, charm, and craftsmanship of our houses. The mix of old and new is a constant theme among our town and our homes. While we find ways to make traditional homes with formal dining rooms more open and modern, more and more homeowners are integrating original features of their homes with modern design. Adriana Smyth of Adriana Smyth Interiors put it perfectly when she told me, she appreciates this mix of old and new because ” it makes a house feel more like a home and less like a showroom.”

I personally love that these appliances are still in working order and I wonder if our modern day refrigerators will last half as long. And while something built in 1950 may not be as energy efficient, the construction of these solid items holds up enough to give them another life. Adriana pointed out that “there’s been a huge trend in using reclaimed materials to built anything from kitchen cabinets, to dining room tables, to light fixtures. ” So now I’m kind of obsessed with this idea and even found a pinterest board of ideas, because I too own vintage appliances.

My first home in Bloomfield came with this 1940s GE refrigerator that I fell instantly in love with.

1940s GE RefrigeratorI have no idea how it ended up in the basement of my home and I am actually quite convinced our basement was built around this monster of a fridge, but it is still in working condition and makes me long for the days when products were built to last .

My latest listing, a side hall colonial in the City of Clifton (a city which borders Upper Montclair) boasts this stunning vintage range, also in working order.

Photograph © Brian Zehowski


I never thought I would call a home from the late 1940s “newer,” but around here they are, and many of them are full of hidden gems such as this.

We’d love to see photos of the treasures in your homes. Feel free to post them in the comments.

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St Patrick’s Day Parade 2015- West Orange

There are no shortage of celebrations in the Montclair area. This community celebrates food, seasons, art, families, holidays, sports, and just about anything else we can use as an excuse to plan an event. So, on this Irish holiday I would expect nothing less than a huge celebration. Today in West Orange the Streets were lined with  green attire, food, drink, and festivities while the St Patty’s Day Parade marched on. There were several bagpipe bands, marching bands, dancers, trucks, motorcycles, a vintage fire truck, and a bat mobile. One of my favorite things about this celebration is that I live close enough to walk.  But wherever you are in this town, there are festivities and events within walking distance. This is yet another reason why I love Montclair.

parade crowd

Food Table

fire truck

2-Parade 3:15:15

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Snow Covered Glen Ridge Country Club


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Studded Pole at Broad and Bay in Bloomfield


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Kips Castle Park, Verona NJ

It’s always a nice day to visit beautiful Kips Castle Park, located on the former Estate Frederick Ellsworth Kip and his wife, Charlotte Bishop Williams Kip. The home or “Kip’s Castle” was built in 1902 and is a beautiful example of local architecture. In the winter you can see through the trees and get a nice view of Upper Montclair homes and the New York City skyline.




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