Because We Heart Montclair

Happy almost Valentine’s Day Why I Love Montclair followers! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, a perfect day for sharing love. I think about my love for this community all the time. I think about how fortunate we are to have this place and this community. I think about how many other blogs there are about this area and how I love reading them. I think about how lucky I am when I’m getting coffee at Montclair Bread and run into someone I know, or when I see an amazing film at the Montclair Film Festival, then walk to Pig and Prince for excellent food, drinks, and ambiance. I could go on and on, but that’s what this blog is for. Each post will feature something I love from a Montclair Neighborhood. Each post will include a description of the neighborhood in the title. There will also be at least one photo or video to accompany every post. I really hope this can be a place for people who don’t live here to see and feel our town, for those who do live here to embrace it, and for those who once lived here to become nostalgic for it. I know those are some big goals. I hope to eventually build separate categories for each neighborhood to really get a feel for the town and all of it’s parts. When you have a town that is so special with such a sense of community, it’s difficult to summarize what it’s all about it in one word, so I asked some citizens of Montclair (on a town social media page) to describe what they love about our town in one word. Here are some of the responses. Thank you so much for all who contributed. I was truly blown away by the number of amazing comments (165 and counting)!

Here is what Montclair residents said they love about Montclair:
“spectrum, urban, community, food, restaurants, location, art, people, eclectic, bikeable, walkable, village, visually appealing, open-minded, welcoming, commute, diverse, parks, beautiful, kid-friendly, possibilities, home, liveliness, Victorians, history, memories, Eagle Rock Reservation, EVOO, culture, swagger, pride, real, cosmopolitan, friendly, dynamic, shopping, energetic, hip, cool, sidewalks, smart, accepting, substance, artsy, intelligent, quaint, friends, classy, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (this was one of my favorites), activities, Mommies, integrity, voice, enlightening, entertaining, variety, creative, family, pleasant, architecture, Je-ne-sais-quoi, trees, amusing, soul, inclusive, developing, depth, possibilities, collaborative, optimism”

– 165 Citizens of Montclair

I leave you with some LOVEly Montclair storefronts.


Pedal Montclair with hearts
Pedal Montclair with hearts


Montclair Bread Valentine Doughnuts Photograph by Nat Chitwood
Montclair Bread Valentine Doughnuts
Photograph by Nat Chitwood
Church Street Hearts at Raymonds
Church Street Hearts at Raymond’s
Heart Window-Rock, Paper, Scissors
Rock, Paper, Scissors – Heart


Olive That and more – Heart Window



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2 thoughts on “Because We Heart Montclair”

  1. I love Montclair because it’s a friendly town, due to the happy, healthy people that live there. What’s inside must come out and it sure does. Montclair residents take care of themselves and thy neighbors.

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